If your blog is business oriented, you must always consider SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Yes – the ugly three word phrase. But these tips are easy – no coding needed. No scratching your head over php or html. It's simply about choosing the theme layout that will help your SEO efforts. It's easy but almost no one knows about it or thinks about it.

Do you know that Search Engines don't always read every word on your page? That's right – they don't. The header tags and the upper left hand corner of the page might be all that is checked. What if your sidebar is in the upper left hand corner? The content in your sidebar doesn't change frequently so the Search Engines will think there is nothing new and move on. One of the main advantages of a blog is that it is frequently updated so it is Search Engine friendly.

What's a blogger to do? Simple – choose a two-column theme with the sidebar on the right!

What are 'header tags'? Header tags are simply the title of the post. Behind the scenes, your theme encloses your title in header tags. That's what makes the font bigger and makes it look like a title. Why is the title important? Search engines also look at what's inside your header tags. Since each post creates a new page it's easy for the search engines to locate the header tags. So – think about the title of every post. Make it keyword rich for the search engines but make it grab your reader too.

With a little thought and planning you can make your blog really work for you.