It is so easy to publish your blog on Amazon's Kindle!  I just published The WordPress Wizard – it will be available in a few days.

Here's how to do it.  Go to Kindle Publishing for Blogs and create your account.  This is totally different from your regular Amazon account so don't try to find it in your account.  Create a new one!

You need a few things –

1.  A screenshot of the front page of your WordPress Site  (about 800 x 600)

2.  A screenshot of your banner  (about 450 x 50) – my dimensions were not exact which is why I say 'about'

3.  The title and tagline of your site

4.  A brief description of your site

5.  Your site's feed address.  (You should have a Feedburner account – if not, you'll know how to get one in the next Get Recognized post)

Fill in the blanks on the site and your blog will be on Kindle in about 48 hours!  Talk about getting recognized!!

And once your WordPress site is on Kindle you'll be able to display this cool badge in your sidebar

Presented by Cathy Perkins The WordPress Wizard