Since December is important for planning for the new year, I will devote most of this month to 'Let's Get Recognized'.  Each post will be a tip on how to do that.  Incorporate these tips into your overall marketing strategy starting now and watch what happens.

Throughout December you will learn many ways to market your site and get yourself 'out there'.  We'll talk, of course, about leveraging the social networks, how to market yourself while you are not online (no – not making phone calls), how to leverage the Search Engines (free – not money out of your pocket), how to 'listen' on the Social Networks, Social Bookmarking do's and dont's and of course, a whole lot more.

So – get ready to explode your site and your business and if you aren't already subscribed for new post alerts, do it now.  Just look to the right of this post and find "Get New Post Alerts".  You won't be on my list – Feedburner gets your name and e-mail address to send you notices when there are new posts here.

Cathy Perkins – The WordPress Wizard