You’ve heard a lot about repurposing but a question arises – What IS Repurposing?

Repurposing is taking content you already have and using it in different ways.  If you write a great blog post you can use it for:

  • A Teleseminar
  • An Article – on EzineArticles of course
  • An Audio Post
  • A YouTube Video
  • A video on your website
  • A free or paid e-course
  • A teleclass or telecourse
  • On Twitter
  • On Facebook
  • On Social Bookmarking Sites

Are you starting to ‘get’ how powerful this repurposing strategy really is?  You are leveraging the power of just 1 blog post to create 7 or more products and use 10 or more vehicles to get your information in front of as many eyes as possible..

Isn’t that ‘content spamming’ or something?  Absolutely not!  People like to consume content in various ways – you are simply providing as many ways as possible to get your content out there.  And what are the odds that people will even see your content in all of those places?  The odds or high that they won’t because people have their favorite ways of getting information so isn’t it your responsiblity to give your content to people in their favorite form?

AND – every vehicle you use to get your content out there should point people back to some area of your blog – where you have more great information for them.  

Take repurposing seriously – it can explode your business for more prospects, publicity and profits faster, better and easier than you ever thought possible.